(LAUREL, De.) - Families, friends, and community members team up to paint a "watermelon bus" at Janosik Park.

The event features food, a live band, and plenty of watermelon to go around.

The vibrant mural of color on the school bus reflects upon the town's history. Laurel is a hub for watermelon production, harvesting, processing, and sales.

Event coordinator, Ed Lewandowski, says that it's important for people to better understand the town's identity.

"The painted bus is an outcome of an initiative to re-brand the town, and this event celebrates Laurel's heritage."

The bus is a cultural symbol. It transports the watermelons to various locations including Laurel's farmers market, also known as "The Block." The market was founded in 1940 and is the oldest produce auction market on the east coast.

Lewandowski adds, "We want to make sure that people know about the watermelon industry in Laurel. We want to celebrate people that grow, who harvest, and who process that product for everybody."