(DOVER, Del.) - Neighbors in Dover Wednesday remembered the victims and families of the Orlando shooting with a short vigil on The Green.

As neighbors stood in sorrow, church bells rang 50 times for the 50 lives lost.

"We need to continue to move forward," said Jon Rania, Lay Ministry Associate of Christ Episcopal Church. "We can't lock ourselves into our homes, or barricade ourselves, whether it's a physical barrier or a mental barrier. We need to continue to move forward together... together."

Crystal Meredith of Newark, Delaware, said the shooting came to her as a shock.

"You kind of go through it and you're like, it didn't really... you have a moment of did it really happen? And you come to something like this and the realization sets in," said Meredith. "It hits you like a cannon ball, and next thing you know, you're almost in tears."

One of the biggest messages neighbors received from the vigil is that all communities must come together as one.

"Communities are sharing a message of support of whoever you are, no matter what gender, what gender, what race, your backgrounds, it doesn't matter. Everybody should be treated equally and fairly and that we should just come together," said Hilary Valentine of Milford.