(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.)- Many enjoyed their Sunday afternoon on Rehoboth Beach, despite dark rain clouds covering the boardwalk.

Saturday night Chief Meteorologist Kris Sommers told viewers that severe thunderstorms are expected Sunday evening, bringing damaging winds and hail. But some folks on the boardwalk say they're not worried.

"Well, I'm hoping it's not going to come, but we're enjoying the day," said Joella Schmidt of York, Pennsylvania. "I think you have to enjoy every moment, so it's wonderful."

"It doesn't really bother me too much that it's coming, but it's a shame for the beaches," said Sam Lesher of Lewes. "I mean, just like today they're calling for bad weather and look at it now, it's gorgeous and I think it scared too many people away."

"We don't really consider it being a threat," said Heather Pavlick of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "If it storms tonight, we'll probably just stay at our place or go to one of the local restaurants."

Delmarva Power reminded customers Sunday afternoon to be ready for possible power outages. AAA Mid-Atlantic also reminded neighbors of possible floods and to avoid driving through areas where flooding is likely to occur. Rehoboth Beach Local Pernell Herr says the Indian River Inlet is one of them.

"You have to avoid the bridge down there, because both sides get flooded and if you get stuck down there, there's no way to get back up here, except go down the long way and that usually takes about an hour and nobody wants to do that," explained Herr.