(SOUTH BETHANY BEACH, Del.) - A small community in South Bethany Beach is fed up with drivers using its narrow roads as short cuts.

Cars speeding down Tamarack Drive, Cattail Road, and Black Gum Drive in the Cat Hill community is where some homeowners say they've had close calls with cars almost hitting them.

"I've had a Jeep roll through a stop sign where it almost hit me," said Bill McCormick who owns and lives in Cat Hill part time when he's not working in Wilmington.

"I've actually been clipped by a rearview mirror," said Anna Kangas, who has lived in Cat Hill for 13 years.

McCormick and Kangas said the summer months is when traffic increases the most.

"Saturday and Sunday in the summer it's just a lot of activity and it's right around this corner right here," said McCormick pointing out to the corner of Tamarack Drive and Canal Road.

Kangas told WRDE Sunday afternoon that the existing stop signs, speed bumps and caution signs haven't been enough lately to deter drivers from using Cat Hill as a race track.

A recent South Bethany Beach town meeting discussed possible solutions to address speeding.

"An immediate way to sort of slow down the traffic would just be simple enforcement," said Kangas, who attended the meeting. "Especially at the intersection of Tamarack and Canal, is to do a three way stop sign."

One proposed solution not well received by many was adding sidewalks. Kangas said it would be an expensive and long process, while McCormick doesn't see how sidewalks could curb speeding and the heavy traffic.

"Even if you're on the side of the road, when you've got cars coming and going all day long, sidewalks I don't think are really going to make a difference," he said.

For now homeowners like McCormick and Kangas will be on the lookout for cars zipping by while the town decides the best course of action.