(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) The Rehoboth Beach Coast Guard responded to a water rescue at the Indian River Inlet Sunday morning.

Coast Guard officer Collin Snovelle said at around 9:34 a.m. a call came in about four surfers who were trying to help a kayaker stuck on the north jetty at the Inlet.

Three of the surfers were unable to help and paddled back to shore while one remained with the stranded kayaker.

Snovelle said the kayaker eventually broke free but the remaining surfer ended up stuck on the jetty as well. A five-member search and rescue crew dispatched a life boat to help the stranded surfer.

Snovelle said strong winds caused the remaining surfer to swallow sea water and become fatigued. The Coast Guard officer said the surfer was suffering from early stages of hypothermia and was treated by Rehoboth Beach paramedics when they reached the shore.