(MILLSBORO, Del.) - An electric heater caused a fire inside a home in the Pot-Nets community Sunday morning.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for an electrical fire incident on Colony Drive North in the Pot Nets Creekside development off of Long Neck Road at around 8:04 a.m. It was reported to be an issue involving a kerosene heater and electrical failure.

The fire department said the occupants were attempting to refill a kerosene heater inside the structure when it caught fire. Efforts by the occupants to extinguish the fire with a blanket and water created an electrical issue pursuant to the occupants.

Emergency response crews from Indian River included Engine #80-5 from the Oak Orchard facility and Engine #80-3 from the Long Neck facility as well as the Delaware State Fire Police.

Emergency response crew assignments included incident mitigation, investigate and evaluate with thermal imaging camera, as well as ventilate where needed.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company reminds every one about the proper usage of kerosene heaters:

? Use on water-clear 1-K grade kerosene;

? Never refuel the heater inside the residential structure;

? In case of flare-up, or uncontrolled flaming occurs, do not attempt to move or carry the hear - Call 9-1-1; and

? Install working smoke alarms in your home.

Additional information may be viewed at the following website: https://www.cpsc.gov//PageFiles/121502/5052.pdf