MILTON, DE.)- A controversial shopping center project in Sussex County faces more traffic concerns as Del-dot released its new findings. Del Dot Officials said an overpass to alleviate traffic for the proposed Overbrook Town Center commercial complex on route 1 would cost $13 million.

The project would rework route one and cave neck road. That is where developer TD Rehoboth LLC plans to build an 850,000-square -foot shopping center. The overpass would cost taxpayers 5 millions and the developer would pay the rest of it.

Wally Goff is the co-owner of Dawn's Country Market and he said the overpass itself will not be the major taxpayers burden.

"It is going to be the general road improvements that will have to be made on cave neck road, road 88,route 16, route 23,and route 24,"said Goff. "All the other roads that feed over to route 1 and towards this overpass and to the proposed shopping center will be the ones that bear the burden of traffic from the people coming of out of state or from the western part of the state."

The Sussex County Council has not voted on whether to grant the developer's request to rezone 114 acres of farmland as commercial property, which is an important step for the project.The County Council's posted agenda for Tuesday does not include the Overbrook Issue.