(MILTON, Del.) - Saturday's Municipal Election in Milton was a day full of nervousness and excitement for Fran Fallender as she awaited the election results. But little did she know, it would also be a day full of anger and frustration.

"Well, I was hanging around the house doing some chores, and I get a phone call," explained Fallender. "And a friend of mine said, 'Did you get a letter?' and I said, 'A letter?' and she said, 'Yeah, it's a very nasty letter.'"

Fallender's friend was referring to an alleged "hate letter," which was mailed to numerous Milton residents Saturday. According to many residents, the letter is said to be filled with inflammatory language directed towards newly elected Milton Mayor Ted Kanakos, as well as former Mayors Jack Bushey and Cliff Newlands.

"This kind of stuff comes up every election," said Fallender. "I don't know why people stoop to this level, it's incredible."

The four-page anonymous letter starts off by stating (verbatim):

"As a longtime resident (born in Lewes raised in Milton), I feel I have the responsibility to "fill in" our new neighbors on some of Milton's not so proud past. I have attached a couple documents and provided a few links that you may find very helpful before casting your vote in the Milton town elections this Saturday at Town Hall."

The anonymous letter goes on to make very serious accusations towards the three men's characters; none of which, are proven to be true.

"There's no need for it. There's really no need for it. You can get along with people, you can be able to talk to people. You don't have to agree with them, and if you don't want them in office, then you vote against them," said Fallender.

Not all Milton residents received the letter. But for those who did, they say they either ignored it or threw it away.

WRDE met up with Kanakos who says he hasn't seen the letter and doesn't care to.

"It's like a baseball pitcher. He's going to read the next day what they're saying about him in the paper? We don't need that," said Kanakos. "It's so petty, and it's just a rare thing. I'll let it go by."

Kanakos is a long-time Milton resident and former Councilman. He says he doesn't let things like this affect how he truly feels about his community.

"We're all good neighbors," said Kanakos. "Everything turned out just a wonderful weekend, except for this little dumb stuff, but please, that doesn't define us."