(DOVER, Del.)- The number of offenders with a confirmed Influenza A lab test has increased to a total of 28. At the time of report, 17 potential cases are being evaluated and tested. In an effort to limit any further spreading of this virus, the DOC is screening offenders and continues to educate the offender population as to the importance of accepting the flu vaccination and/or prophylactic medication. Voluntary screening has been extended to staff entering the facility.

In addition to the aforementioned testing procedures, the below precautionary measures will remain in effect until further notice:

1. All visits are cancelled;

2. All programs are cancelled;

3. All volunteers are cancelled;

4. Commissary is cancelled;

5. Chapel Services are cancelled;

6. Gymnasium and Fitness Center are cancelled;

7. All unnecessary institutional movement is halted until further notice;

8. All court/police committals will be diverted to JTVCC.

The Department of Correction is appreciative of the continued understanding exhibited by the Courts, local law enforcement agencies, the community, and our staff.