(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.)- 200 people participated in the 2nd annual Lung Force Walk.

The event is held by the American Lung Association in an effort to raise money for lung cancer.

The goal for today was to raise $50,000 dollars.

"The monies that we raise today will be going to education, advocacy, and research for lung cancer awareness," said Deb Brown, CEO for the Mid-Atlantic American Lung Association.

Brown said the American Lung Association tries to make sure the common misconceptions about lung cancer are ignored:

"We want to make sure everyone knows that anyone can get lung cancer, you do not have to be a smoker, you might have quit ten years ago, it doesn't matter, anyone can get lung cancer."

In attendance today were those honoring loved ones they have lost to lung cancer.

"My dog Lincoln and I are walking today in memory of my dad who passed away ten days after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer Is the leading cause of death in the United States" said Amanda Carl, Chair of the Lung Force Walk.

Also honored in the walk today were cancer survivors.

"At 23 I was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin lymphoma I went through six months of chemotherapy and so far we are seven years later and I'm still doing well. On my 30th birthday my Mom was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer," said Lisa Segen.

Now Segen cares for her mother the way her mother cared for her.

Below are a list of facts about Lung Cancer from the American Lung Association:

-Lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer in woman in the U.S.

-Every five minutes a woman in the U.S. is told she has lung cancer

-The lung cancer rate in women has more than doubled over the past 35 years

-Anyone can get lung cancer