(MILTON, Del.) - Amy and Patrick Conroy tell WRDE News they were lucky this week.

"It could have been a big loss," Patrick Conroy said. "We prepared for the storm. We still were left with about four and a half inches of water inside the store."

They own 'Wine Knot' in downtown Milton. Their Monday cleaning and getting ready to open back up.

"If all goes well we should be back open by Wednesday," Patrick said."

Josh Pollard and Jon Webb own 'J and J Home Improvement.' They said they have kept their trucks full of clean up equipment all week.

"We have an employee that is still under two feet of water at his house," Pollard said.

They gave discounts all week to anyone who needed an extra hand with clean up. Pollard said it comes with living in a small town.

"You do what you can to help others," Pollard said. "It's our way of supporting our town. We're a local business. When times are rough we want to pitch in and help alleviate stress."

Parts of Milton are still under several inches of water and neighbors face road closures. However, most business owners said they are getting back to their normal routine.