(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.)- The Delaware Department of Labor says unemployment rates are up 4.9 percent. However, Sussex County is at the lowest unemployment rate with 4.2 percent.

Local business owners say there are plenty of jobs, and they have trouble finding workers.

"There are tons of servers and cooks," Alton Houchens said. "Everyone is looking for work in the winter. There are more employees than work here in the winter."

Alton Houchens said as a manager on the Eastern Shore, he is used to a change in business with the change in season. He said he's thankful for the Lewes locals who keep business up and running.

"Every morning we have the same group of people coming in seven days a week year-round," Houchens said.

Lauren Lynch said this is her first day working at Nectar. This time of year works in her favor.

"It took me about four days to find this job," Lynch said. "Everyone really needs people right now. So many people left for the summer."

Micha Seto said the hardest part about owning a business is finding people to work full-time.

"I think there are plenty of jobs here," Seto said. "Even in the off-season, I know plenty of places looking to hire people who want to work.

The Delaware Department of Labor says as of August Dover and Wilmington have the highest unemployment rates.