(CAMBRIDGE, Md.)- Police arrested a man on Rigby Avenue on August, 11, 2015 around 10:50 p.m. Byron L Herndon, 25, was charged with multiple counts as listed: Possession of Marijuana Less Than Ten Grams, Resist Arrest, Fail to Obey Lawful Order, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing The Peace, and Fleeing and Eluding on Foot.

The incident occurred on the 600 block, when Herndon made accidental contact with police as a result of the lights on his bicycle not functioning properly. Police soon smelled a marijuana scent on the suspect, causing him to make an attempt to run away from the police. He was eventually caught.

Herndon appeared in front of the Court Commissioner and is currently in Dorchester County Detention Center and is being held on a 10,000.00 bond.