(MILTON, Del.) - The high-profile brutal beating of Janay Palmer by Ravens runningback Ray Rice has triggered a national discussion and started a conversation about an issue that is very personal to a lot of people on Delmarva.

The disturbing footage shows the football star Ray Rice punching his then fiancée so hard that she hits a railing and is knocked out cold.

"Never should do that to a female. Never," said Troy Mason, of Dover.

Rice then proceeded to drag her out of the elevator.

"If he'd done that to me, I would have jacked him up," threatened Connie Rabold, of Allentown, PA.

Rice's wife broke her silence in a recent Instagram post.

Rabold went on to say, "If she's okay with it I think the rest of the public should be okay with it too."

What happened to Palmer happened to about 27 thousand people last year in Delaware, according to the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

"There's a lot of women out there being abused and we need to be helped, and a lot of the of the times were not being helped," said Kathryn Cubbage, a domestic violence victim from Milton.

Associate Director of Domestic Violence Services at People's Place, Cherelyn Homlish tells Palmer's choice to remain with Rice, comes as no surprise to her.

"Women often care very much about the person so they are reluctant to leave them, they made a commitment to be in the relationship. So it's hard for them to just pick up and go," explained Homlish.

It may be hard to up and leave an abusive relationship, but Homlish says just reaching out and getting help is great start.

"Delaware does have 24-hour domestic violence hotlines and we encourage anyone to call," she added.