(Pocomoke City,Md.)Many people travel to the Eastern Shore to enjoy the beaches but most don't know the history behind Delmarva.

Delmarva Discovery Center is right on the Pocomoke River.

The building looks small, but it houses lots of history about the Pocomoke River and Delmarva peninsula.

"We take a look at the history, the natural history, and the culture of the eastern shore," said Ellen Sproul, Delmarva Discovery Center Executive Director.

The almost 5-year-old museum offers a walk through tour to show visitors how life began here on Delmarva and came to be what it is today.

Visitors are given a small phone when they arrive, which allows them to listen and learn about the different exhibits throughout the center.

You can sift through fossils in exhibits, pick up marine life, or act as captain of a steam boat.

Executive Director Ellen Sprouls says the unique facility offers a fun learning experience for adults and kids.

"When you bring history to life and when you bring science to life. When you bring it all to life that makes learning fun," said Sprouls.

Employees say it draws big crowds in over the summer but sees plenty of people once the season ends.

"We're kind of excited to see what it has to offer. I mean so far we've watched the film and a little bit here but we haven't been through the museum yet but it looks like it could be, pretty nice," said Rick Kenney of Pasedena, MD.

Staff says the center sees more than ten thousand visitors each year.

The Delmarva Discovery Center will hold its annual fundraising gala this Saturday Sept. 9.