(Lewes, Del.) Home Depot shoppers who swipe their credit cards could be at risk.

Officials say the same hackers who breached Targets security system could be responsible.

Local customers are keeping an eye on their credit card activity.

"There's a lot of organized effort to make these breaches and create havoc in the marketplace as much as possible," said Kent Swanson of Lewes.

Multiple banks reported evidence that Home Depot stores could be the source of stolen credit and debit cards that went on sale on the black market.

Home Depot isn't taking the situation lightly.

The home improvement store has already addressed customers on their website.

Store officials apologized to worried customers and say if a breach is confirmed customers will be notified immediately.

Officials say the breach may have started in late April or early May.

If confirmed, it could be greater than Targets breach which affected 40 million customers.

"It gives me reasons to be suspicious and not use my credit card. I actually had my credit card hacked a few months ago. A company in Ohio was using it," said Ty Webb of Ocean View.

Shares in Home Depot dropped two percent.

Some folks say this breach won't keep them out of the home improvement store.

"I mean this is something that happens and i don't know that the individuals would be necessarily responsible for any unauthorized us," said Swanson.

Home Depot is urging shoppers to call customer care if they have any questions or concerns.