DEWEY BEACH, DEL - Over the weekend, the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement cited a Northbeach bartender for violating the "Last Call" law. It was one of several violations handed down on Northbeach.  Others include:
- Failing to have complete meals available as a restaurant
- Giving away alcohol
- Violating the liquor license for the "last call" citation
It is the latest of a string of incidents involving law enforcement and the nightclub located on the Rehoboth Bay. Around "last call" in the early morning hours of June 16 a fight broke out that carried beyond Northbeach's parking lot and onto the sidewalks of Coastal Highway. Another fight occurred on June 1. Dewey Beach police said they were contacted by Highway One (the parent company of Northbeach) to help put an end to the fights.  
"This weekend we supplemented our patrols with several officers from other neighboring towns in Sussex County,"  Dewey Beach Police Sgt. Cliff Dempsey told WRDE.  "We had a high profile presence in the parking lot and it seemed to work well."
There have been previous issues with violence at Northbeach including two incidents in June of 2016.  Dewey Beach Councilman David Moskowitz thinks increasing the size of the town's police department is a solution and has an idea of how to accomplish it. "We pay less (for seasonal police) than life guards," Moskowtiz said. "I would like to raise seasonal police wages to that of lifeguard wages."
Dewey Police plan to continue the larger presence on weekends.  They will assess the effectiveness of the plan and when they will no longer need assistance from other forces.