LONG NECK, Del.- As investigators continue to work to determine the cause of a trailer fire that left three little girls dead, the Long Neck community is coming together to help the family.

The Good Ole Boy Foundation is collecting money to pay for the Skylar and Veronica Marchuck and Amaya Gentner's funerals. Josh Wharton says the foundation was formed to help children and families during unforeseen circumstances like this.

"It's hard to find a glimmer of hope in times of tragedy like now but this is really a time when our community comes together and pulls together as one to help each other out," he says. "Even complete strangers--it really hits home with all of us. Probably like you, I've been upset, crying, and I don't even know these guys. But we will do this for the greater good and give them the send off they deserve."

Paradise Grill will also raise money for the family with the Good Ole Boy foundation during the upcoming Flounder Pounder. The restaurant plans to hold an auction, a 50-50 raffle, and other fundraising efforts with all proceeds going to the foundation.

"We are located in the same community where the fire was," explains Sandy Samsel. "Actually the smoke did start piling up right behind us so the staff saw the smoke and they could tell something was going on. When we got the news, it was heartbreaking for everybody here and everybody in the community."

The family declined to speak on camera but expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support. Family friend Albert Apicella has organized a GoFundMe campaign for the family as well, which has raised thousands of dollars in just a few hours. Apicella is also accepting physical donations at the Main Office for the Pot-Nets Communities. Apicella says the girls' mothers (who are sisters) and surviving sister, Kora are especially in need of clothing.

Investigators have not determined a cause of death for the children or a cause or origin of the fire yet, but Assistant State Fire Marshal Michael Chionchio says no working smoke alarms were found in the home.

"We ask everybody to use this maybe as a reminder to go home, check your smoke alarms, talk to your children and have a fire escape plan," he tells WRDE.

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