DOVER, Del. - Delaware State Police are issuing a warning after it's number was used in several phone scams.

According to DSP, troopers were made aware of multiple incidents of spoofing scams. In these cases, the victims had gotten calls that their caller ID showed was apparently coming from Delaware State Police. To convince the victims it was real, they were told to look up the number where the call was originating from, and it appeared to be a working DSP number.

DSP said this is caller ID spoofing, which is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to hide their identity and appear to be an official organization. 

These most recent spam calls ask the victim to wire the scammers money because "a family member was injured or needs payment for a traffic ticket or bail money," DSP said. They said the calls have been to out-of-state residents from multiple states across the country. 

State police said they will never request payment for fines, traffic tickets or bail. All these transactions are done through the respective court systems and they remind people it is never over the phone. Electronic payments are also never requested via phone for court matters, DSP said.

The agency reminds people to never offer any personal information on a scam call and to verify with the family member on your own. 

The FCC has several tips to avoid spoofing spams, which include not answering numbers you don't know. Visit the FCC website for more information.