REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- After three serious crashes on Coastal Highway there are renewed calls for safety.

A pedestrian and driver were killed in two separate incidents over the weekend and a cyclist suffered head trauma in a third crash.  Sea Green Bicycle Owner Frank Cole says the crashes are reminders to take extra precautions.

"The thing that occurs to me is an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure," he says. "You can do very simple things to keep yourself safe: you can wear light colored clothing, you can have lights on your bike, you can not wear ear buds."

Cole also recommends every cyclist wear a helmet.

Bike Delaware Executive Director James Wilson says Route One is a problem for everyone, but it's important to see what's leading up to the crashes. Wilson says data for each type of crash--be they pedestrian crashes, bicycle crashes or car crashes--must be examined to find the right solutions.

"If you put those crashes together and you fail to separate them, you cannot figure out what the problem is," he tells WRDE.

The Delaware Department of Transportation has added signage and stencils to Route One in an attempt to improve safety. Cyclist Bruce Kauffman teaches bike safety and suggests Route One's crossings be looked at as well. 

"When I teach bike safety, I plead with them 'Never ever ride against the flow of traffic," he says. "When I hear of an accident and I talk to the victim, 'What happened, why were you riding in the wrong direction' and they say 'It's too hard to cross Route One to get to the other side.'"

On Tuesday, the Delaware State Police issued a safety reminder to motorists, cyclists, and motorcyclists. The reminders include avoiding distracted riding,  keeping distance between vehicles, and never sharing a lane with a cyclist or motorcycle. A complete list of their safety reminders can be found here.