LEWES, Del.- Crosswalks in downtown Lewes are set to get safer.

On Monday, the Lewes Traffic Safety Committee recommended that the crosswalk at Savannah Road and Second Street be better lit, and the crosswalk at Market and Second streets be more clearly marked with striping and signage.

"I think both of those will be very important to help drivers realize that there are going to be pedestrians crossing," says City Manager Ann Marie Townshend. "We have a very, very vibrant community, a lot of walking, and we just need to make sure that people are safe when they are moving around whether it's night time or daytime."

Blooming Boutique Owner Michiko Seto says the improvements are incredibly necessary, saying drivers often speed through the crosswalks downtown.

"Our crosswalks are beautiful, they are decorative, but people don't realize they are crosswalks," she says. "So you have to be very, very, very careful with the cars coming down who don't know the area and just think it's a decorative thing."

Chip Davis says in addition to downtown safety improvements, he hopes to see sidewalks installed on Kings Highway.

"Just recently I had an incident coming back from the high school where I had to jump onto the grass because a car was riding down the shoulder," he tells WRDE. "The improvements that both the city and DelDOT can make as far as sidewalks, lighting and crosswalks are all going to help."

The next Lewes Traffic Safety Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 1.