FRANKFORD, Del.- For nearly two years now the town of Frankford has been without a local police force. The town has mostly relied on Delaware State Police for responses.

"They work about three hours a day and all they do is traffic stops," Skip Ash, a town councilman said.

But the town hopes to bring on one full-time police officer to start and one additional part-time officer for local police presence. Doing this could cut down on response times, officials say.

"They know where they're going, and they know the people that they can get information from when they need to have answers and solve problems quicker," he said.

Ash says police officers will still respond as needed, but he hopes local officers can increase their visibility and connect with adults and students to crack down on crime.

Officials do not anticipate a tax increase in doing this, but say the money is there, all they would need to do is reorganize.

"Three would be a heavy burden for the town people to pay, two I think is what I think we could budget," Ash said. 

People are all on board, too. "There are a lot of problems, and the state police are only able to be here a couple hours a week and they really need someone who is here more," Barbara Keyser, a local said.

Madeline Troescher, who also lives nearby, said, "Local people who know the area and have a relationship with the community will be a plus. It's a little bit difficult to depend on the state police to be in our community all the time."

The town hopes to discuss the matter further in their fall meetings as nothing is finalized. If all goes well, there could be local boots on the ground by December.