OCEAN CITY, Md.- As Hurricane Dorian moved north, strong winds and heavy surf from the storm packed a punch on Delmarva.

Swimming restrictions were put in place at beaches such as Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach, and multiple boardwalk items were removed ahead of the storm.

"We've removed trash cans in a lot of the areas, the beach stands have been pulled all the way back, beach patrol stands are removed from the beach," said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. "Construction sites are warned to go ahead and tie everything down. We monitor all that."

Meehan compared Dorian's Delmarva impact to that of a nor'easter, and said it was a good chance for crews to get ready for the upcoming winter storm season.

"All the department heads met up at the public safety building the other day," he said. "Basically what was stressed is, 'OK, here's the script.' The script might be used more than one time in the next few months but let's get this in, let's get it right, let's be consistent, let's be prepared."

Dorian's lingering effects prompted the cancellation of high school sporting events, a concert at the freeman stage, and the Friday night portion of this weekend's 40th Annual Sandcastle Contest in Rehoboth Beach.

On Friday morning, Rehoboth Beach Patrol Capt. Kent Buckson anticipated more swimming advisories throughout the weekend due to strong rip currents and heavy surf, potentially restricting beach goers to shallow water only, or on the shore completely.

"It's fun when you see these big waves and they want to jump in, just to see that and be part of it," Buckson says. "But it will get them in trouble and it could also cost them their life if they get into a situation where there are no lifeguards or the lifeguards can't get to them." 

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