OCEAN CITY, Md. - People ventured outside Friday in Ocean City to watch the effects of Durian in the resort town. Whether they observed from their cars or a few feet from the ocean, many said it was a spectacle worth watching.

Visitor Maritza Hervia said she finds storms exciting to watch. 

"I think that it's amazing," said Hervia. "I was in Florida a month ago and the water was very quiet and this is something that is deserved to be watched for a long time because it's changing, like watching a movie."

Many people took out their phones and cameras to record the waves and winds. Pocomoke native Ann Marie Wells said she was taking pictures for her family, to show them how bad the storm was. 

"I wanted to take pictures to send to my mom over in Annapolis and my daughter down in Greenville, North Carolina, at East Carolina University. I wanted to show her what was happening with us back here at home," said Wells. 

Some were livestreaming on Facebook the action, like Rob Russell who was visiting Ocean City with his wife for their wedding anniversary. 

"We came down the Inlet after breakfast to check things out," said Russell. "We're actually running Facebook Live on our camera too, showing all of our friends and family and people across the United States that I know personally, exactly what's going on up here in Maryland."