MILTON, Del. - The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles released videos created to educate the public about what drivers should do during a traffic stop. 

There are six videos and they cover topics like knowing your rights as a driver, how to file a complaint correctly and much more. 

"It's a great way to show the community what they can expect from a police officer when they are on the stop," said Milton Police Chief Robert Longo. "It's also a great way to be transparent with what we're doing so they can be a little bit calmer when they are stopped by a police officer or have any type of interaction with a police officer."

A Senate bill passed last year outlined the rules and expectations of a driver and police officer interaction. The DMV said it made the videos to be more straight forward, without any legal jargon. 

One Milton woman said the videos reinforce what the relationship between the public and law enforcement is. 

"I think in general, police officers need to be respected. And if they're pulling you over, there's a reason. If you don't know the reason, and sometimes you don't, you can ask. But I don't think you ever argue with a police officer, I think that's disrespectful." 

Click here to watch the videos. You can also find them on the Delaware DMV's YouTube page