OCEAN VIEW, Del.- After an uptick in serious crashes this summer, the town of Ocean View is planning a new, three-part safety program.

On Tuesday, the town council will discuss and possibly vote on increasing funding for the town's Traffic Engineering Services to "properly study, evaluate and implement solutions" for traffic concerns in town.

Planning, Zoning & Development Director Ken Cimino says town is experiencing aggressive driving through neighborhoods, lots of cut through traffic north of Route 26, and bicycle and pedestrian concerns on 26 too. Cimino says the $35,000 program will be funded by transfer taxes and more could come from grants. 

"We've done some of the study and traffic analysis. We've done counts, looking at the speed and volume counts, turning movement counts," he says. "So now it's just a matter of condensing that, looking at the data, developing some strategies and seeing what we want to implement."

Part of the program will implement a bicycle and pedestrian campaign on Route 26 in conjunction with the Ocean View Police Department. Louis Melton runs a bicycle program with Mariners Bethel United Methodist Church and says changing bicycle behavior in the international students who commonly use bikes in the summer is key.

"Changing the roads might help but still they have to understand. Of course most of these kids are 19-22 years old and they just don't think anything bad is ever going to happen to them" he says. "Every time we see them we say 'You know nobody here wants to call back to Moldova or Kazakhstan or wherever you live and tell your family that you're not coming home.'" 

Ocean View Mayor Walt Curran says improvements could include adding crosswalks and educational programs.

"Enforcement is catching people and in the summer time you can't catch them all. It's too crowded, you can't. so what we are looking at are ways to educate people," he says. "Simply make them pay attention. Then [we'll look] for physical things that we may be able to do. We don't know what they are right now honestly. We've had specific complaints from some of our citizens and so we are going to look at those particular spots to see if it makes sense."

The town has already began initial efforts to obtain grant funding through the state's Community Transportation Fund.