GEORGETOWN, Del.- The second day in the State vs. Clay Conaway trial began with testimony from the woman accusing the former University of Delaware pitcher of first-degree rape.

The woman and three other witnesses took the stand Tuesday as the prosecution told the jury how the alleged victim and Conaway connected through social media apps and text messaging. 

The first witness to take the stand was 26-year-old Brendan Goodson. He is one of the people that received a call from the alleged victim on the night of the incident. Goodson described the phone conversation with the alleged victim including her statement, "I think I may have been raped." During cross examination, Defense Attorney Joe Hurley questioned Goodson and the alleged victim's relationship. 

The second witness to take the stand was high school friend, Carey Karl. She says drove the alleged victim to the hospital after the June 2018 incident. After Karl and Goodson's testimony, Detective David Kristunas took the stand to describe his interviews with the witnesses. 

Conaway's defense team expressed concern with Karl's original interview, saying it was a month after the alleged incident, and she has not been interviewed by law enforcement sense.

Near the end of the day, the alleged victim took the stand. She started to answer questions regarding her relationship with Clay Conaway before court adjourned. Defense Attorney Joe Hurley said as the trial continues, text messages will continue to be a crucial part of the case.

The alleged victim's testimony is expected to resume at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in Georgetown.

Conaway, 23, of Georgetown, is accused of sexually assaulting a total of six women.