GEORGETOWN, Del. - The International Fund for Animal Welfare  transported dogs and cats from the hurricane devastation in the Bahamas to Delaware, where the Brandywine Valley SPCA will get them ready to find new homes.

Fifty-four dogs were dropped off at the Delaware Coastal Airport and the cats will be delivered in Maine. Volunteers of the Brandywine Valley SPCA moved the dogs from the airplane to vans that went to the Animal Rescue Center. 

Kelly Johnston, a program officer for the IFAW, was in the Bahamas rescuing animals.

"I talked to people who lost members of their family, human members of their family, and they were looking for their pets too and it was really hard but there were a lot of people who survived and they were just so grateful for everything we were doing and that they were still here,” said Johnston. 

The dogs will be quarantined for two weeks so Brandywine Valley SPCA can observe, evaluate and provide any medical treatment the dogs might need. Then they will be placed for adoption at each of their campuses. 

This is Brandywine Valley SPCA’s fourth rescue intake from Dorian this year. Collectively, they have rescued more than 400 animals and dispersed them to shelters throughout Delmarva.