OCEAN VIEW, Del. - A family with a missing dog was ordered to take down their missing dog signs after the Delaware Department of Transportation said the signs were illegal. 

Ace is a male yellow labrador that went missing on Sept. 22. The family put up signs for their missing dog around Ocean View to spread the word. 

DelDOT said it received a complaint about the signs that were illegally placed. According to state sign laws, any signs approximately 10 feet from the edge of the pavement are not allowed. Campaign signs are the only exception and even then they are only allowed 30 days before and after the election date. 

Each sign could receive a fine of $25 but DelDOT said they will not fine the family. 

One of Ace's owners, Nicole Peterdozzi, said this obstacle wouldn't stop her. 

"It was upsetting but [we'll] do something else bigger better and brighter so we'll just keep getting the word out with new signs and keep going," said Peterdozzi. 

A Keller Williams Realty location in Millville gave up a section of their ad space for Ace. 

"Anyone driving on Route 26 or 113 is going to see those in large print at stop signs, traffic lights. Whereever they're at, they're going to see the sign for Ace," said realtor Jay Lesko. 

The digital ad will run on seven electronic billboards across Sussex County. The family is offering $6,000 to whoever can find and return Ace.