REHOBOTH BEACH, Del - It is a celebration of greyhound dogs and also a way to bring attention to their plight. For the past 25 years, the two have combined at the Greyhounds Reach The Beach. The 2019 event begins this week with the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center serving as host for the first time.
The dogs that can be seen at the convention center have a variety of backgrounds. A number of them are either rescued or retired from racing. One dog named Sid, was saved from death. When found, Sid was on his way to a meat market in China.
Throughout the week, attendees will be able to take part in sessions featuring presenters with knowledge of greyhound adoption and behaviorists. While the event brings together owners and their dogs, greyhounds will also be on site for adoption.
Being surrounded by other greyhounds has developed into a norm for this breed. "They are used to being together in a pack from being in kennels and tracks," said Sarah Dougherty, who handles public relations for Reach The Beach. "It is really amazing when you get them all together that there is not a lot of barking, they get along with one another very well."
A preview party for registered attendees is scheduled for Wednesday night. Click here for the full schedule of Greyhounds Reach The Beach activities.