GEORGETOWN, Del. - The Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) recently rescued 85 cats and one dog from a condemned home in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Ten of the cats are now up for adoption in Sussex County. 

Code Enforcement discovered the animals on October 3rd. Animal Protective Services Manager Hayden Carroll was on scene soon after. He says he spoke with the people who lived there.

"They did admit that they were picking up feral cats over time and that they expanded on their numbers," Carroll says.

The SPCA's Animal Protective Services officers spent two days pulling the animals out. Ten cats went up for adoption in Georgetown on Thursday.

"We're getting them fixed and altered," says Carroll. "Some cats are in better shape than others, so as we go through, we are trying to make as many as possible available to the public to get them forever homes."

The cats in Georgetown have been named after superheroes to represent the rough past that they've overcome. Starfire, Batman, Rougue, Wolverine, and Black Widow are patiently awaiting brighter futures. 

The SPCA says most of the cats were covered in fleas when they arrived, but they have been treated. The 10 cats include one white, two black and seven tuxedos. 

"We're very fortunate in which a lot of these animals that came out seem to be sociable and a lot of them forthcoming," says Carroll.

The SPCA says its Animal Protective Services team will be filing charges against the three people living in the home.