DEWEY BEACH, Del.- High tides are bringing extreme flood waters for some coastal parts of Delmarva. People woke up Friday morning with every homeowner's worst fear of water flooding their homes. 

Many residents in Dewey Beach who live on the bay side were left with flooded basements, yards and streets. 

Katie Kramedas owns a vacation home in Dewey Beach. She got the call from her neighbor that their street was underwater. Kramedas and her family rushed to their home. She says it was a sight that she has never seen before. 

"We found five to seven inches of water in our basement. My beach chairs were floating, and all of our insulation and construction materials were underwater," said Kramedas. 

The nor'easter is making its way up the coast with extreme high tides on the bay while also leaving its mark on parts of Dewey Beach.

The parking lot of the popular restaurant in Dewey Beach, the Rusty Rudder, was underwater Friday morning. Server Chelsea Zaldivar says her commute into work was one she will not forget. 

"The water was definitely up to my wheels. I was very worried my car was going to conk out," explains Zaldivar.

The Delaware Department of Transportation says it is keeping an eye on the roads for possible closures. 

"We look at how the motorists are driving, see if the visibility is poor and if it is at night time. So we try to keep it open as long as possible and as long as it's safe for the motorists," says Alastair Probert, DelDOT south district engineer.

A coastal flood warning remains in effect until 1 a.m. Saturday for the coastal parts of Delmarva.