DEWEY BEACH, Del. - Low-lying areas including Read Street and the Rusty Rudder parking lot in Dewey Beach were flooded as high tides came in Friday night.
Locals said they are used to flooding in Dewey Beach but for visitors like Melissa Horeberger, who came into town for the Greyhound Reach the Beach event in Rehoboth Beach, the flooding was a spectacle.
“I think it's crazy. We have friends that are staying right down, over at the bay and they're staying at a hotel tonight because of it being so bad. It's not in their room but they just can't get into their house,” said Horeberger.
Rusty Rudder still received business despite the flooding. One of their guests, Bettina Smith, said the flooding from this morning was reduced to a large puddle close to the bay.
“So we just pulled in and parked here, went into the restaurant and at one point the hostess was like ‘did you park in the street or did you park in our parking lot’ and I said ‘on the street, are we being towed,’ and she said ‘No, but you probably want to move your car because the tide is coming in.' So we parked on the other side of the street,” said Smith.
The flooding is expected to subside by Saturday night.