SEAFORD, Del.- Friends and family described the three young men who passed away this weekend as hard workers, leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Austin Moore, 23, Matthew Tull, 26, and Jacob Tull, 23, all of Seaford, were driving on Wesley Church Road in Bridgeville early Sunday morning when driver Austin Moore lost control. All three were pronounced dead at the scene. 

"A lot of older people would say the younger generation is lazy, not go-getters, but all three of the young men, Matt, Jake and Austin, they all own their own company," said friend Dan Bell. 

Friends and family left flowers at the accident scene. Among the flowers is an orange pickup truck, a symbol of the passion Matthew and Jacob had for diesel trucks. They opened their own company, Delaware Diesel Performance. 

Matthew Tull's former coworkers said he was a phenomenal employee. 

"Amazing talent. Really was. Truly a shame to see something like this happen. And he's really going to be missed by a lot of people," said Chris Jannuzzio. 

A fellow high school swim team member said Jacob Tull was humble and a team player. He competed in the races no one else wanted to. 

Moore owned his own powerwash company, Revitalize Surface Cleaning. A close friend said he was selfless, caring and always wanted to help others. He said Moore power washed Home of the Brave in Milford for free, volunteering his time and service.