MILTON, Del.- The Delaware Department of Transportation is inviting the public to comment on five alternative plans of an overpass that will be built in the intersection of Cave Neck Rd. and Route One.

The five plans can be found on DelDOT's website. One of the main differences between plans was which section of the intersection would be lifted to become the overpass. One of the plans will raise Route One, another raises Cave Neck Road. 
Calvin Esham, the project manager, said this intersection was designated as a major safety concern.
"With our overpass alternatives, we believe that flow of traffic will be a lot steadier and safer than the current condition," said Esham. 
Milton resident DJ Hughes said he is in favor of the overpass but thinks DelDOT's construction is starting in the wrong places. Hughes believes the overpass and construction at Minos Conway Road should be completed first before the traffic light at Route 16 is removed, since it is the only stop that allows for gaps in traffic. 
"My main problem is that I think they need to start south and move north. Before you take the signal out of 16 and complete these, that signal provides gaps in traffic and that will be the last signal before metering traffic to five points, once you get on route one to i-95," said Hughes. 
Construction for the overpass is expected to begin in 2024. Completion will depend on which plan is chosen.