REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- People who travel to Rehoboth Beach could possibly see some changes to parking meters come next beach season. 

The Rehoboth Beach Parking Committee had a meeting today to talk about a few different issues revolving around parking problems.

Downtown meters currently have a three hour limit but the committee is talking about raising it to four hours. Some locals like Marie Ahearn, from Lewes think that's fine but the bigger issue is keeping the meter season the same.

"I think it's, I'm happy the way it is, as long as they don't start charging for off-season, that's my biggest problem," said Ahearn.

The parking committee says the meter limits help foot and car traffic in the heavy spots of the city. 

"The idea is to get the longer term parkers out of the core areas and onto the side streets, so that the core area where the main businesses are, still have the turnover," said Linda Kauffman, chair of the parking advising committee.

The parking committee is hoping to make the change by next beach season. They feel as though the three hours is too short for people to get everything they need done.  They also want to try and accommodate more people. 

Kauffman said, "there was a lot of different issues that happened and I think that merchants had some of their people struggle with the fact that they didn't know it until they got there, then they were upset about it and they got in their car and they left." 

While the parking committee will put together a plan, they must present it to the commissioners for approval. 

The committee hopes their plan will be finalized by next the month, the next time they meet at the end of November.