MILTON, Del.-On a night where weather may have been an issue, Milton decided to run things as planned.

Kids were out in full costume as parents walked them from house to house to house to pick up candy from as many homes as possible.

"I've already gotten a favorite, I already got my favorite candy a full size candy bar," said Lily Rimmer dressed as a peacock.

Kids of all ages were out on the town as they feel you can never be too old to trick-or-treat.

Some homeowners were very excited about the turnout this year. 

"Probably about 100, yeah, but we expect 250 to 300," said Barbara Hoffman.

Kids enjoyed walking up to each house grabbing their treats. It wasn't all treats as there was some trick along the way. One neighbor had a bowl that would grab your hand as you grabbed a piece of candy. 

Unfortunately it was a school night, but that wasn't going to stop Ryan Rimmer from going home to play some video games. 

"Yeah a half day, I'm gonna be going to home and playing some more Fortnite."

For other towns, the Halloween festivities got pushed back to a later date although the weather did cooperate on this night. 

Georgetown, Millville and Blades all will be hosting Halloween in their towns tomorrow night to make up for what they thought would have inflicted on a bad Halloween night.