GEORGETOWN, Del.- A critical resource for the community has closed its doors for now, but it's a good thing. 

The crisis house in Georgetown is making many updates to their house. The critical house is making many updates to their home. 

The crisis center serves vulnerable parts of the population, like the homeless or those in recovery. 

Those with the center have added a commercial sized fridge, fixed and repainted the walls, as well as replaced broken spots in the floor. The organization also added a new coat of paint to give it a homey touch.

The crisis center director, Marie Morole, said if people who have stayed here in the past stopped in now, they wouldn't believe their eyes.

"That this is what the place looks like. We've had other social service employees that stopped in that you know do referrals for whatever and they can't believe how nice the place looks. It's such a transformation."

The crisis house is hoping to open its doors to those in need on Nov. 11 with a fresh look and a fresh start.