GEORGETOWN, Del.- The American Mustang and Burro Association from Delmarva hosted its 12th annual trail ride and walk at the Redden State Forest. 

Dozens of people came out to show their support and donate money. For one rider, and the secretary of the AMBA, Juanita Melling, she was out there not just for the cause, but also the good time. 

"Well it benefits us as a club and it also benefits another charity, we split the proceeds. It's a time to get together with other people that enjoy horses as much as we do," said Melling.

The AMBA split the proceeds this year with a group called Compassionate Hearts. their group was more than grateful for the opportunity to join.

"We are thrilled because we are the recipient of some of the donations today so that we can provide continued programming," said Rosemary Baughman, the executive director of Compassionate Hearts.

What their group does is very unique when it comes to the ways that they use therapy and horses together.

"Our organization provides equine assisted psychotherapy in learning and which is all grounded work for at-risk youth, our veterans, people in recovery," said Baughman.

Groups came out by the dozens to support both of the organizations and saddled up their horses to hit the trails. Some people even walked the trail and brought out their other furry animals (dogs) to enjoy the walk. 

Melling said, "my granddaughter insisted that we come so that's another boost of encouragement but I just like supporting the club and spending time with the horses." 

Each year the group says the proceeds and organizations that benefit are subject to change, but it's always a fun time for everyone to enjoy some horse play.