LEWES, Del.- The University of Delaware, college of earth, ocean, and environment got some great news today thanks to a federal grant. 

Senate Tom Carper was on hand with members of the school, students, and other organizations for the announcement of the grant. Carper said that the grant is $325,000 and could help the school get micro-plastics out of waterways in Delamrva. 

"There's like five trillion tons of it in our oceans and around the world, five trillion tons I'm told. And we need to get started and the research here will help light a fire under not just our country but other countries to get serious about that pollution," said Carper.

Money for this grant will go towards equipment to be used in the field, accessories and gas for the boat, as well as additional research needed for their projects. 

One piece of equipment is used specifically to identify the location of some of the micro-plastics in the water. 

"You're able to fish at that depth and lower the net down to a specific depth and fish with this net," said Hayden Boettcher a masters student at the university. 

Once the samples are gathered, they are able to take off the canister attached at the end, and observe the findings that they picked up along the way.

"What we're focusing on is how is this stuff, the marine micro-plastics debris essentially, how is it affecting the biology of the blue crab larvae and how are they in turn affecting the economics of the region," said Boettcher.

He says that this grant could be a great opportunity for his research, and the university as a whole.

"It's definitely allowing us greater opportunities to go out and do more research than we could have done otherwise," he said.