FENWICK ISLAND, Del.- A potential wind farm off the coast of Fenwick Island State Park was once again dominated in discussion today, this time at the meeting for the Association of Coastal Towns.

Back in October, WRDE reported that the 18 million dollar proposed project for improvements to Fenwick Island State Park were reported to the public.

The proposal included a two story parking garage, a bridge over route one for pedestrians to use, and a new activity facility could be build by the electric company Orsted. In exchange, they would build a facility for power from Orsted's proposed offshore wind farm to come on-shore. 

Fenwick Island Mayor, Gene Langan says that he would like to see the money go else where." 

"Instead of putting all this money into making improvements that are going to need taking care of, why don't you take some of that money and put it in a fund to fund the things we need desperately, like beach replenishment and dredging in our back bays?" He said.

A lot of the conversation at the meeting today revolved around how to make both the towns happy as well as a good way to move forward with this project in the most affordable way possible.

The mayor said that another issue faced was that fact that the town of Fenwick Island was not included in much of the conversation for planning in this project.

Orsted Development Manager for the Skipjack Wind Farm, Joy Weber was at the meeting to address some of the concerns and questions. 

"I encourage people to look at DNREC's website and ask questions there and get information there, and I understand there's quite a bit of information right there," she said. 

The public comment period was extended through Dec. 3 for people to have more time to express their opinions on the project.