REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- A well known-bike path in downtown Rehoboth beach was closed this week for construction. 

The city says the intersection of Henlopen Avenue and Grive Street had issues with flooding in the past. So much so, that the grove park bike trail which connects the junction breakwater trail would become a sloppy mess for runners and bikers.

Over the past two days workers were out adding a new storm drain to help alleviate flooding in the future. 

Kevin Williams the director of public works for Rehoboth Beach said, "So now as bikes come across the trail they won't have to either navigate or dismount to get across this a lot of standing water, anytime it would rain. The water would collect right at the base of the bike trail, so they will get that clear they can drive, drive their bikes on through without having to stop to get off, or causing a mess spouting, spraying water everywhere. 

The new storm drain now leads into the old one in hopes to get rid of the issue for neighbors on the street and bikes who use the trail. 

The street will be reopened on the night of Nov. 5 for everyone to use again.