A beer with a taste of Sussex County in every sip.

Dogfish Head and Revelation Brewery have joined forces to create a local beer, and raise money for the Sussex County Land Trust.

The beer called, In Tandem, had a unique taste at each location.

"Nutmeg and fruit at Dogfish Head and we did lavender and vanilla here," said Revelation owner and Brew Master, Patrick Staggs.

Dogfish Head Brewery

In Tandem was brewed with all local ingredients.

"We took tandem bicycles and road to the strawberry fields and did some picking there. We harvested a bunch of local strawberries and added them to the batch," said Staggs.

Together the breweries raised over 6-thousand dollars. The money is going to the Sussex County Land Trust to extend bike paths and create space for more recreational activities.

Revelation Brewing

"They have land out on Cool Spring Road and we are going to  use the money from this to benefit that plot of land and create a bike parking hub, central area where people can park their cars there and bike on the trail," Staggs said.

In Tandem is sold out in both locations. But on the bright side the new project is planned to start next year.