SALISBURY, Md.- Jake Day won a second term as the mayor of Salisbury Tuesday night.

The incumbent secured his seat as Salisbury mayor with 2,276 votes, or almost 86% of the vote. His opponent, Wayne King, received 377 votes, or 14%.

Day celebrated with his family and friends Tuesday night. He says he can't thank the voters enough for their support.

"This is a room filled with a diverse crowd of Salisbury citizens and business people and people who aren't even from Salisbury, but are just from nearby and support what we're doing." Day says. "I just love this community and I'm grateful and for every single person who when we knocked on a door said, you know tonight, said hey we already voted, we already voted for you. I want to say thank you to each and every one of them."

Day says he and his team are ready to get back to work, planning the next four years of his administration. 

"We go immediately into planning. The next couple of weeks will be spent strategic planning on the next four years," Day says. "That doesn't mean we're going to change what we're doing in Salisbury but with that being said, I believe it is important to unite as a team, realign our focus, ensure that we're going in the right direction, and move forward.

The Salisbury community also voted on city council members Tuesday.

District 1: Incumbent April Jackson won with 267 votes. Opponents Timothy Shepard and Mable Marshall received 120 votes and 28 votes, respectively.

District 2: Incumbent Muir Boda, who was running unopposed, received 151 votes.

District 3: Incumbent Jack Heath won with 542 votes. Opponent Riley Smith received 128 votes.

District 4: Michael Gregory won with 439 votes. Opponent Jonathan Taylor received 104 votes.

District 5: Incumbent Angela Blake won with 444 votes. Opponent Shawn Jester received 263 votes.

Voter turnout increased this election season. Election officials say the turnout was just 12% during the last local election, and this year's number comes in at around 16%.

Wicomico County election officials say these results are unofficial because absentee ballots still need to be counted. They say it could take up to 10 days.

The official swearing-in ceremony for the mayor and city council members will be held on Nov. 25.