Cape Henlopen High School fans are ready for the Slam Dunk to the Beach Tournament next month. That's because they are hosting the event and are 1 of the 3 Delaware schools playing.

Wednesday, Bill Robinson, the tournament chairman, announced all the elite teams and players chosen to play.

This year the farthest school is coming from South Carolina. But coaches and recruits make even longer trips.

"We've had coaches that come as far away as Kentucky. We had coaches from Vanderbilt one year and a lot of coaches from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia area. But it's not uncommon for coaches from the biggest schools to come in especially with the quality players that we have," said Robinson.

While it's a big weekend for basketball fans in the area, local business benefit too.

"It's an opportunity when the games are over, especially for our visitors coming to Sussex County, to go out and experience the restaurants, the hotels, the outlet shopping," Robinson said.

The tournament holds an all-star record. Each year at least one player goes to the NBA. Previous players include Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant.

The 2019 tournament is Dec. 27 - Dec. 29. The complete list of teams, players, and the schedule can be found here.