DEWEY BEACH, Del.- Many different establishments around the area were held at a hearing for violations in front of the Delaware Alcohol and Beverage Control Board. 

One of the larger restaurants, Northbeach in Dewey Beach was cited for more violations than other places. Back in June Northbeach was hit with an undercover investigation in which it was given 10 separate violations. 

Those violations include failure to have complete meals, serving people in an unruly manor, and improper decals with its hours of operation. 

Alex Pires co-owner of Northbeach was at the hearing and said, blame him. 

“I’m not happy with what happened, but in the end I’m responsible for it, so I’m not going to blame anyone else. I am going to take that burden upon myself,” Pires said. 

Northbeach co-owner, John Snow also talked today after the board expressed their concerns over the menu. 

“So we have a full menu available with full kitchen staff open until 1 a.m. We use to have a limited menu that was much more than chicken tenders and fries, but because of this we decided to just keep the kitchen fully staffed and open until 1,” Snow said.

Although Northbeach had 10 violations cited, they were not the only violators. Other places around Sussex county also received fines and violations. 

Riverside grill, cove liquors, and paradise pub were among the other establishments at the hearing. Most signed guilty pleas and were fined. 

Northbeach owners said during the hearing they would like to work with the board to fix the issues, as well as avoid any further complications. 

When the hearing ended we asked Pires and Snow for their reactions, but they said the hearing was self-explanatory, and declined.

Other establishments around Sussex County also had violations, but will have hearings at later dates.