Support, optimism, and fun. That's what the program Pathways to Success give to high school girls.

Thursday was the annual Girls Summit where students come together and learn to prepare for the future.

"Our community is in dire need of support of our young people...The focus of today was optimism. To be able to talk to them about how to be optimistic and to think win-win. To believe their faith over their fear and always plan to succeed," said Dr. Brittany Buzzard, the events keynote speaker.

The girls were attended motivation speeches and took yoga class to learn to control stress and anger.


"It's really an exciting day for our students because it gets them out of the classroom. it gives them a different educational experience," said Pathway to Success board member Maribeth Dockety.

Vendors came to show the girls their options for after high school. These included CEO's, colleges, scholarships, and the military.

Makeup Vendor

"It helped me build leadership skills. I'm more independent and it basically helped me learn how to live on my own," said Pvt. Pajuah Mcteer of the U.S. Army. 

After the event, the girls were ready to take on high school, and then the world.

Pathways to Success will host a Young Men's Summit on April.