Beer isn't the only thing hopping at Dogfish Head this weekend. Friday through Saturday is the 9th annual Analog A-Go-Go event.

"The event is all about marrying dogfish Head's love of great arts and music, with great food and great beer," said founder and brewer Sam Calagione.

The event is bringing people from all over to the Milton and Rehoboth Beach locations.

Pouring Beer

"We've invited tons of indie record stores from around the country, indie makers, indie craftsmen, indie vintage clothing stores and we set up these booths under a tent so you can sip beers and do holiday shopping for yourself and your loved ones," said Calagione.

Even if you aren't a beer snob, there's something for you.

"you don't have to be a dogfish head beer aficionado t love analog a go go it truly has someone for everyone whether you're into comic books or vinyl or wood working or yoga mats that are for sale, awesome food. there's going to be something for you if you come to Analog A-Go-Go," said Calagione.

Saturday's event is from 11-4. Tickets are selling out quickly. You can buy them here.

Beer Flight