Whether you love it or hate it, winter is a time of year that features various hazards here in the state of Delaware. From nor’easters to extreme cold, winters in Delaware create numerous issues that result in deaths, injuries, and illnesses every year. As the winter season starts at the coast and we begin seeing our first bouts of wintry weather this week, Delaware is hosting Winter Weather Awareness Week. 

Winter Weather Awareness Week is put on by numerous agencies including the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, NJ, the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis at the University of Delaware, several state and other agencies. The week is dedicated to increasing awareness of the numerous hazards people in the state of Delaware face if they don’t prepare and take the proper precautions during the winter season.

During the week DEMA and the numerous other agencies working to put this week together will put out informational graphics through social media and other venues to help explain the various hazards you could face during the winter. Along with explaining these various hazards these agencies will also be putting out tips on how to better prepare for them and help keep you and your family safe during the winter season. 

Winter Weather Awareness Week begins Monday, November 11th and continues through Friday, November 15th. For more information on Winter Weather Awareness Week, you can read more information at weather.gov/phi/DEMAWinterWxWeek.