REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Veterans Day, a holiday for both remembering those who served in the past that may have lost their lives, and also those living who served. 
Veterans were in full force today on Rehoboth Avenue.
At the band stand stand on the avenue today, former members of service were joined on stage by those currently enlisted, members of local VFW Post 7447 and many others.
For a holiday like today, its good to have recognition in the community. 
"Well it's a time of recognition that the community comes out to honor the veterans of all stages," said Everett Beach, the post commander at the VFW
People from all forms of service came out today to honor the veterans. For the local VFW it was nothing short of another beautiful day for what this country has to offer, and also the service of the veterans.
"Because we, we have to continue to say thank you to all those veterans out there that have served and some sadly that never came home, said Russ Hall, a retired Army veteran
"It makes me think of a lot of guys that never came back, and it's very, it's very humbling," said Beach.
Hall believes that even when you're done serving your country, you still need to give back.
"I really believe that we have to give back and most veterans take on that mind set, that once they serve, they never stop serving, it;s just that they come back and start serving in their community," he said.
Near the end of the ceremony, different people from on stage to lay wreaths in front of the memorial on the avenue. But all eyes were looking forward to the future veterans of the coming generations.
"I think it's been tradition for probably 30-40 years, we just keep carrying it on while we can I guess. And it's very important that you know we do these things for the younger generation coming up, because it preserves what it's all about," said Bob McGinnis, the post quartermaster
Members of the VFW said that they are thankful for the opportunity each year to host the ceremony.